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Regular / Larger:

  • Kinsmen

  • Big Bros/ Sisters

  • Miywasin Society

  • YMCA

  • SARC (Sexual Assault Response Committee)

  • The Water Run

  • All Public and Catholic Schools in Medicine Hat and surrounding areas

Smaller / One time:

  • Richmound Figure Skating Club

  • Mcman Parent Link Centre

  • Heartbreaker Dance & Fitness

  • Starbucks - Children's Wish Foundation

  • Alzheimer Society

  • Panorama Lanes

  • MH Ringette Association

  • MH Minor Hockey Association

  • Essential Coil Well service

  • MH Fan Round-Up

  • MH Youth Dart League

  • Life Church

  • MH Speedway (Fan Appreciation)

  • MH Public Library

  • Citi Youth

  • MHSCA (MH Safe community Association)

  • Redcliff Minor hockey Association

  • GX Dance Studio

  • Parkinson Alberta

  • MH College

Special Pricing:

  • McMan

  • CORE

  • Next Step

  • Out Reach

  • Big Bros/Sisters


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